Sunday, September 09, 2007

Petroleum Geostatistics in a nutshell

I just finished reading the amazing book of Jef Caers of The Stanford Center for Reservoir Forecasting (SCRF) , "Petroleum Geostatistics” This thin and small, 90 pages book can be used as a guide for modeling petroleum reservoir. Jef has tried to keep everything simple and smooth and amazingly without involving too much of math he has made a precise explanation of application of geostatistics in reservoir modeling.

In the first chapter he explains the role of geostatistics in reservoir modeling. Then he goes through the modeling of geological continuity. Beside "object modeling" and "variogram modeling" he talks about "training images" and their application in modeling continuity. The next chapter is about building high resolution geocellular models (geological model). This chapter also covers application of seismic data in making geological model. Chapter four is about application of geostatistics to history matching under geological control. Finally in the last chapter he talks about modeling uncertainty and application of geostatistics in doing that.

Looking in title of each chapter does not show the real value of book. The real value of book lies on two things. One is the brief and crystal clear explanation of modeling workflow. The other value of book is the short tips given here and there about the pitfalls of modeling and application of geostatistics in it.

I recommend the book for beginners and intermediate level practitioners in the field. The book is useful for reservoir engineers and geoscientists and even can be used as a guideline for people who want to exercise working in integrated teams.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Dr.Larry Lines, President Elect of SEG

Dr.Larry Line has been elected as President of SEG which I believe will be announced at SEG annual meeting in San Antonio coming September. Apparently he will spent a year on apprenticeship and then another year as head of SEG. I wish him the bests. He is my supervisor and I hope I still can have him as my supervisor.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Earthquake in Peru: The pain and fear again

Earthquake is part of the life and is not avoidable. But the harm it makes is avoidable. However the work necessary to make the world safe against it is so huge that sometimes when I think about it, I reach a point that I just let it go. The way is so long and so uncertain. By the way, we can take small steps. One day we will reach the point that we can live with the Dragon in peace. For now I just can pray for the people in Peru and I can end some helps.

If you are living in one of the risky areas in the world be watchfull. My beloved country Iran seems all red in the map. This shake my bones. If you know persian take a look at this documentary about risk of earthquake in Tehran. Frightening but awaring.

Peru's earthquake is in picture here from BBC

Monday, July 16, 2007 - Earth Science News, Maps, Dictionary, Articles, Jobs

Check out this great site about geology. You can find lots of useful information, daily news and even jobs for geologists there! - Earth Science News, Maps, Dictionary, Articles, Jobs

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I love Titi, I can't live without Celly!

I love my TV. Her name is Titi. I can't live without her. I love my cell phone as well. His name is Celly. I can't breath without him. Yesterday, I was almost dead. You know way? Because of this stupid sun! Today this nerd scientist appeared on Titi and talked about an solar storm thing that wrecked a bunch of those satellite things in the sky and made trouble for my Titi and Celly. You see how sad this is! I hate the sun! I'm about to cry...

Safety on earth is an illusion. The things that happen once in a while for our satellites is going to happen for us too, sooner or later. For now, we are safe under the invisible protection of the earth's magnetic field, which protects us against the continuous flow of cruel waves of high energy particles fired from the sun.

Geological records revealed that the current north pole was actually in the south around 780 thousand years ago. In a very short period of time, maybe three thousand years or so, the north and south poles switched their position. 200 thousand years age, the earth experienced another magnetic pole replacement. Evidently, the intensity of magnetic field had dropped to 10% of its maximum at the time of replacement. In such conditions, solar winds can easily hit the earth's surface along with every thing on it. Studies show that the magnetic filed has already lost 10% of it's strength. But don't worry, we have enough time to come up with some ideas to protect us from this threat.

Magnetic field of the earth fighting the solar wind.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Tehran, The threat of Earthquake

We had another earthquake close to Tehran yesterday. It is so scary. This city is not ready for earthquake which already past the due. The only thing that we can do now pray for having it later when the city is refurbished and reconstructed before getting wiped out. We have to do it, the options are doing now and saving lives or doing later after we lose many things more important than just money. With population of 12 millions, I even can't think about the aftermaths.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May the force be with you, Geoscientists. The future!

The future for Geoscience career is more than just good. That's the message from G. Warfield ‘Skip’ Hobbs , Managing Partner, Ammonite Resources Company at CSPG annual convention. This is not trivial. If you have a career in mind or you are in a stage of your life that you are to choose what to study, it's time to think about it. Existing facts are: The oil price is high, experienced people are going to retire and oil price drop in nineties caused a lack of interest in geoscience career at that time and so, now there is a gap between people with 10-15 years of experience and people with less than three years. The hydrocarbon is still the dominant source of energy. on the other hand, the predictions show demands for hydrocarbon are increasing, so the oil price won't drop below 50$ again and we have enough hydrocarbon to exploit but we need more expert people to do that (i.e it's not easy dude!).
The conclusion is step in and take the chance. It's wise to choose a career in geology, geophysics and reservoir engineering.
Think about it!

CSPG Convention 2007, Flow of knowledge, opportunity for networking and plenty of gifts

Things went well at CSPG/CSEG annual convention 2007. There were lots of speeches which some of them were really excellent. Also there was a good opportunity to expand the professional network. And finally in the exhibition hall, many companies were presenting latest technologies for audiences. Also, there were plenty of gifts, food and coffee to make this event plausible and joyful.
Thanks to sponsors and people who managed it.